Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Like New


Just got a new car and want to keep the appearance like new? Use these tips to keep your car looking like new!

Clean it Weekly -Your car will look newer for longer if you regularly clean it both inside and out. Regular cleaning will get ready of things that are likely to cause a stain or mark earlier. I advocate a regular

Wipe down hard, non-glass surfaces – Use a damp cloth to wipe down areas such as the dashboard, center console, steering wheel and column and the inside of doors.

Avoid Eating & Drinking Inside – Eating and drinking in the car leads to two things spills and crumbs. Both of these will often find there way into awkward nooks and cranny’s making them a devil to shift. As much as possible try to avoid eating and drinking in the car will help keep your car looking spotless. If you must have drinks in the car ensure you have them in containers with lids or similar containers so it is much harder to spill them.

Park in the Garage – It you have a garage or covered area in which to park your car then use it, this will provide it with protection from the elements and other things such as birds and trees. This will go a long way to making your car appear new for longer.

Use something soft to wash the surface -Good choices include a natural sea sponge, cotton chenille pad or sheepskin mitt. These materials have a large number of fine filaments that draw dirt and grime away from the surface.

Use a pre-wax cleaner -A pre-wax cleaner will remove blemishes such as tar, water spots and insect remains. It also may deep clean the paint and remove the remains of your previous coat of wax. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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