Ten Facts About Mercedes-Benz


We all know Mercedes-Benz is a car with great class. Get to know more of the history of Mercedes-Benz with these top ten facts.

-The 260D Mercedes Benz was the first ever diesel-engine passenger car. It was manufactured in 1936.

-The Popemobile is constructed around a Merc ML. The pope sits in a chair that gets elevated via a hydraulic lift into the glass room.

-All 6.3V8 and 3 M-100 6.9 Mercedes engines were hand-built. All of them were tested for four hours at a stretch on an engine dyno.

-C’était un rendez-vous, the legendary film used a Mercedes 450SEL 6.9.

-The steering of the 300SL ‘Gullwing’ pivoted to provide an easier access to the car seat and the car bumpers were an extra that could be ordered if required.

-The W140 S Class sported double glazed windows. It also had a hot air conditioner that delivered heat even when the engine wasn’t running.

-Porsche hand-built every single 500E Mercedes and it took 18 days to assemble a single car.

-Karl Benz developed the Benz-Patent Motorwagon in 1988. It is by far known as the first petrol powered car in the world.

-The businessman Emil Jellinek affectionately called his daughter Adrienne by the pet name Mercedes.

-In 1959, the Fintail by Mercedes was the first car to use the “crumple zone”.

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