10 Facts about Ford



1. Ford started in 1903 and is the 5th Largest car company in the world.

2. Ford invented the assembly line method for making cars. This revolutionized car construction and is still the most popular way cars are built even today.

3. Although the first car released by Ford was the Model A it was the Model T that became Ford’s first real success story and in 1916 55% of all the cars on the road were Model T Fords. The reason for that was because it’s price was lower than it’s rivals.

4. Ford Motor Company is the largest family owned business in the world. All of the company’s CEOs have been directly related to the company founder Henry Ford since he retired from the position.

5. Known as the world’s recognizable race cars, the GT40 won Le Mans 24 hour race 4 times on the trot during the 1960s.

6. Eleven models of the Ford Thunderbird, were released in this 50 year reign. Started manufacturing in 1955 and finished production in 2005.

7. Lincoln is seen as the luxury side of Ford’s car production and is known for its Town Car.

8. The most famous cars to be made in Britain by Ford were probably and the Capri. The Capri was used in the TV cop show “The Professionals”.

9. In 2002 Ford ended the production of cars in the United Kingdom after over 90 years of manufacturing in the country.

10. The Blue Oval, introduced in 1907, has now become synonymous with the brand of Ford and is recognized around the world.

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